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Sexual Assaults

A sexual assault is not just the actual physical act. You could be charged with this offense for merely touching any part of a person’s body in a sexual manner during an assault. Various factors are used by the courts to determine whether the assault was sexual:

  • What part of the body was touched?
  • What was the nature of the contact?
  • What were the circumstances for the contact?
  • What gestures or words were accompanied during the act?
  • Were they any sexual threats during the assault?

In most cases, the only two witnesses, during a sexual assault, are the victim and suspect being charged with the crime. Police reports presented to the Crown attorneys and court only contain the victim’s account of the events. Rudi Covre ensures your side of the events is heard in order to establish your defense.

You need to protect your rights when you are charged with sexual assault. Once the police have contacted you for an interview or questioning, it is in your best interests to contact criminal defense lawyer Rudi Covre right away. Attempting to represent yourself, when charged with sexual assault, is never a good idea. You could actually hurt your case and be convicted like other innocent people have been in the past.

The Crown has unlimited resources to prepare their case against you. You, too, should have the proper legal representation working in your best interests in helping your defend your charges. During your initial complementary consultation, Rudi Covre will discuss your situation and help you prepare your statement to the police. Rudi prepares you for your police interview and questioning. Rudi works hard to ensure the court hears your side of the events while representing your best interests and protecting your rights.

Being convicted of sexual assault has serious consequences, such as jail time, a criminal record, problems finding and maintaining employment, being listed on the Sexual Offenders Registry, and restrictions on travel. Contact Rudi Covre immediately to schedule your complementary consolation if you or a loved one has been charged with sexual assault.

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