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Being charged with fraud is a serious criminal offense. The law defines fraud very broadly and it is up to the court to use its discretion in determining the outcome of people charged with this crime. To protect your rights and interests, it is highly recommended you retain the services of experienced fraud lawyer, Rudi Covre.

There are three possible aspects which are considered fraud under the law. Some cases may involve only one aspect while others could include more than one. The different aspects include:

  • Losses or Risk of Losses Suffered by another Party
  • Dishonest Acts
  • Knowledge Where the Act Could Result in Suffering or Loss or Risks of Suffering or Loss to another Party

Each of these aspects provide simple definitions used as guidelines by the court. As a result, it is difficult for someone to defend themselves against fraud on their own. Rudi Covre has numerous years of experience helping clients charged with this criminal offense and offers the best possible representation and outcomes.

Losses or Risk of Losses

To be charged with fraud under this aspect, another party must experience some form of risk or suffering of loss from a dishonest act. Keep in mind the loss or risk of loss has to be directly related to property or money. In cases where another person’s feelings suffered, or the suspect gained an unfair advantage over another, but there was no money or property involved, there was no act of criminal fraud.

Dishonest Acts

Dishonest acts refer to using fraudulent means, such as lying, deceit, or withholding or omitting vital information from another person. The judge is responsible for deciding whether people charged with fraud involving dishonest acts actually committed a criminal offense. Judges rely upon the community standards and compare these to how a reasonable person placed into the same circumstance would have behaved and if the behavior could be viewed as deceitful.

It can be difficult for a judge to make this decision because every fraud case involving dishonest acts often has different circumstances. Having Rudi Covre on your side ensures your rights are protected and you receive the most appropriate defense to present your side of the events.

Knowledge of the Risks

Having knowledge is essential to be charged with fraud under this aspect. If you had no knowledge your acts would cause a loss or risk of loss to the other party, the criminal charge will not uphold in court with the proper criminal defense. This fraud charge can only be upheld in cases where you were fully aware your acts could create a risk of loss or actual loss for the other party. In addition, acts carried out with unintentional carelessness or negligence and accidentally are not fraud.

Because the laws regarding fraud offenses are rather complex and confusing, you want to make sure you obtain the best criminal defense to represent your interests against this crime by contacting Rudi Covre today for your complementary consultation.

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